Mapping Fraktur

Starting in the 1700s, German immigrants to America, later called the Pennsylvania Dutch, created illuminated manuscripts that came to be know as Fraktur. This project seeks to map the locations where Fraktur were created in order to give a better geographical sense of of the data and to explore the connections between the types of documents and the locations where they were created.

Voices of Sackville

By exploring the perspectives of several different individuals, users are prompted to re-examine the traditional heroes and villains of the Siege of Fort Sackville, the 1779 capture of the British-controlled fort (in present-day Vincennes, Indiana) by George Rogers Clark’s American forces during the American Revolutionary War. The site also includes interactive matching games and an education section, providing teachers with online lessons which utilize many of the primary sources used in the creation of the site to teach historical thinking skills.