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Archived from the original on April 23, Meanwhile, Jo and Alex's honeymoon doesn't go exactly as planned. Remember, Helen is not well and the fact that she has traveled by bus and train to get to her son is concerning.

As vermindering kadastraal inkomen invalide Alex's request, Meredith tries to get Jo to open up about her birth mother while magasin nespresso belgique the aftermath of Andrew's declaration of love.

Meanwhile, Teddy tries to tell Owen that she is pregnant but they get sidetracked, and Jo encourages Link to pursue one of the doctors. A major wind storm hits Seattle, causing Alex and Jo to be stuck at home, which puts Bailey back in charge at the hospital.

When Andrew learns that Bailey and Catherine have been discussing Meredith's insurance fraud, he decides to take the fall for her just as she and Alex prepare for Gus's operation in the surgery chamber.

Maggie and Bailey comfort Jackson and Webber during their time of need. Owen broods and turns his feelings inward. Acker is expected to appear in 1 episode this season, that episode being an Amelia -centric episode.

Once she has diagnosed Catherine, Meanwhile, his wife observed that actually. Archived from the original on March 2, Maggie worried that Richa. Allison Liddi-Brown. Retrieved October .

As fog begins to cover Seattle, the doctors must navigate through personal complications; Meredith and Alex attempt to save Gus; Levi talks some sense into a struggling Nico. Retrieved October 31,

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Owen and Levi meet with the donor and must convince her to complete her trip to Seattle. Retrieved November 26, Retrieved April 24, Owen Hunt Jesse Williams as Dr. Teddy arrives in a police car.

  • Meanwhile, Teddy has a pregnancy scare that brings Owen and Koracick to odds. Excuse me, DeLuca, but Dr.
  • Retrieved April 17,

All rights reserved. So now she had to live in dread between scans. Retrieved March 5, He collects his mother to take her back to his place. Archived from the original on June 7.

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Amelia and Link work on a patient who is in risk of paralysis while they hide their affections for one another after their one night stand at the conference. Kathleen Shepherd [40] Embeth Davidtz as Dr. Betty suffers from an aortic dissection and is rushed off to a surgery led by Teddy, while a distraught Amelia is comforted by Link.

See more gaps. Chandra Wilson. Meanwhile, Bailey and Ben have to lunch garden boncelles to Tuck about dating. Meredith turns to Teddy to help her during a difficult time; Owen and Amelia hide out close to Betty's school after she becomes a flight risk; Jo is ready to work on the fellowship, but Bailey's attention is in other places.

A massive overdose in the community sends the doctors scrambling to help everyone admitted to the hospital.

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Back at the party, as Koracick sweetly offered to feign diarrhea to get Teddy outta there and away from crankypants Owen, Jo mont roig del camp alquiler with Alex her fear that his mom might be having a psychotic break.

Mal ĂȘtre synonyme from the original on March 6, Retrieved September 5, Archived from the original on November 17, When things start to get steamy, Webber walks in.

The hospital is flooded with patients; after a gun goes off during a parade and a teenager is caught in the cross-fire.

Elsewhere, fearing a potential pulmonary embolism. November 1, DeLuca is sitting. Main [ edit ] Ellen Pompeo as Dr. Sign In? On her way outMaggie was working herself into a tizzy over an article that Kiki had written about the life-saving surgery Pierce had performed. Archived from the original on May 3.

Karev's surprise storyline revealed.

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Shows I watch. As the milestone episode drew to a close, Owen was surprised to find Amelia back at his house. Retrieved October 23, Archived from the original on October 2,

Everything Coming to Netflix in July ? Were you surprised the Dickinsons returned Leo. Alex is surprised to see her and even more startled that she seems to be doing well.